P is for Parents

I’ve always really admired my dad for his courage and drive. He is also very caring. He’s an AA sponsor, and has overcome great adversities throughout his life. I also really like that on the outside, he seems a bit like a rich-white-guy-douchebag (he golfs and smokes cigars and watches Fox news enough for people to easily make that mistake) but in truth, he’s a really generous, gregarious, and tolerant guy with a goofy smile, a voracious sweet tooth, and a permanent sunburn. 

WIth my mother, this is harder. She is, of course, all of the wonderful qualities that come out naturally in every good mother. Caring, warm, a fantastic listener, calm amid chaos. I feel like, professionally, my mother is a manifestation of unfulfilled potential. Having kids and investing her inheritance in my father’s small business left her with little means to do anything with her intellectual/creative self other than be a supportive wife and mother. She definitely puts family first at all times, which I admire. That’s just not the path I ever want to take.